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Our Mission


Our Purpose at the White Star Church is to co-create the evolution of consciousness through individual empowerment, healing, growth, balance, and the development of personal Gifts of Spirit in a loving, joyous, and accepting atmosphere of unity.  Our further purpose is to serve the Light.




Sunday Celebration Services


  • Services begin at 10:30am every 2nd and Sunday of the month - Easter through Thanksgiving.
  • Most services include a guided meditation, a talk on spiritual or metaphysical information, and channeled Spirit Messages.
  • Please contact us at the address below to be added to the Church mailing list to receive a yearly season schedule and newsletter, or else pick up a flier with a detailed season schedule at the back of the Church.


Sunday Potluck Lunch


  • Everyone in attendance at Sunday Services is welcome to stay for potluck lunch in the Church kitchen.  Please join us for good food, visiting with the Pastor, and camaraderie with the congregants!  Either bring a dish to pass, or pay $6.00 for adult or $3.00 for a child.


The Sunflower Shop


  • You are invited to visit our metaphysical shop at the back of the Church before and after all services and events.  We have wonderful selection of metaphysical items, including books, CD's, crystals, incense, and more.  All profits benefit the Church!!

Contact Reverend Mary at 920-388-2622, for a reading or other services


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